Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me and my work. My name is Eva, a Toronto-based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I was born in Russia and came to beautiful British Columbia, Canada in 2010 to get my Master's. During an internship I visited Toronto and I absolutely fell in love with the city. A year later I fell in love in the city. As for my photographic journey, it started not long ago, so the amount of time and effort I put into each and every image is tremendous. 

Loves: my loved ones, Vasilisa (my lovely chihuahua-traveller), sunsets, ocean, macro- and microeconomics, tulips, Ottawa, dancing, equity markets, latte, Ireland, dresses, John Oliver :))

Please check out my work and get in touch, if it's meant to be ;).

I would love to hear from you. 

Lots of love,

- Eva