Fashion: Boho Nouveau. Downtown Toronto

In mid-October I had a very colourful & relaxing street style fashion shoot with Meghan, a young and passionate fashion blogger who launched her own blog - Boho Nouveau in December 2013. Boho Nouveau is not just your regular fashion blog, it's Meghan's creative outlet for sharing her personal style, adventures and daily inspirations. We decided to do the photoshoot in a super creative part of Toronto - Queen St & Spadina, near the very beginning of Graffiti Alley. If it was not for crazy wind, I'd have officially called it the perfect photography weather day. But that same wind helped us create some pretty awesome hair images, after all, mother nature does make the best wind machines. 

Do not forget to check Boho Nouveau for outfit details, recent giveaways, product reviews and much more. 


- Eva.