Personal: My 1st Bike, Toronto, Ontario

Long time, no see, it's been a while since my last blog entry, shame on me! Winter is a marvellous season for a lot of wedding photographers: on the one hand, it's the most wonderful time of the year because that's when the fair share of us gets booked for an actual wedding season and the worst time of the year (well, at least for me) because I do not get to photograph happy head-over-heels-in-love couples as much & often as I would like to. Anyway, this winter is very special for me because my love (drum-roll, everybody) has got me a bike, my very first, my very own 2014 Honda CBR 125R.

Why is it a big deal, you may ask, well, it really is! I have been always known as the girl who hates bikes for a variety, huge variety of reasons: post helmet messy hair, smudged makeup, wind on highways, noise, other vehicles that may endanger everybody around them any time any day. These were just a few reasons why I had wholeheartedly hated all kind of bikes for as long as I could remember myself. It started to change slowly and steadily 3 years ago when I got on the back of my love's GSX-R1000 and though it was pretty uncomfortable at first, it slowly grew on me - the whole idea of a motorcycle being nothing but a 'death machine' started to fall apart. Of course, nothing will ever be able to change my loved ones' perspective on the subject (yes, my parents are still convinced that 'you get on that thing, you die'), I personally think that any vehicle can be potentially dangerous and it all depends on who controls it. Honestly, I do not feel comfortable driving a car, because there are so many areas I need to take care, it's bulky (even the smallest ones will always be bigger than most bikes), it's inefficient and it's a pretty poor financial investment if you ask my business side (Moody's C rating worthy). Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of cars whose design I absolutely adore and I will never stop loving all the Porsche creations, but as of now, my heart and soul belong to sportsbikes. I can't wait for spring to come and I am so very excited to be taking a safety course at Humber College in April, so that I will finally be called a rider not 'just a passenger'. To sum up, I would love to share the first motorcycle related advice that I've been given: "If you look at that wall, you will hit that wall, only look where you need to go" (S.B.), I believe it may come in handy not only on roads but in day-to-day life.