Portraits: Cherry Blossoms & Magnolia, High Park, Toronto

The cherry & magnolia trees were blossoming all over the place on Mother's Day weekend, but I happened to start my Friday in High Park, Toronto, Ontario. Despite the fact that it's a very busy and extremely popular park, I'd say it's still one of my favourite. High Park has such a great variety of backgrounds & textures that would spark imagination of any kind of photographer: portraitist, landscape, macro, you name it. However, if you're a photographer, please keep in mind that any type of formal (read ''commissioned') photography is prohibited in High Park (permits are not available).  

It was a gorgeous day filled with lots of sunlight and beautiful faces. Our amazing model, Michaela, was such a delight to work with! A Toronto-based certified make up artist, Anett, did an absolutely wonderful job by highlighting Michaela's natural beauty. Hope you enjoy the images as much as we loved making them.



 Cherry Blossom High Park Portrait