Pine Point Park Apple Blossoms Model Portfolio: Asha, Naima

Right after my 'crowded' experience with cherry blossoms in High Park, Toronto, I decided to take advantage of some of the gorgeous blossoming apple trees in my beloved Pine Point Park, Toronto. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with two beautiful models, Asha Carty and Naima Sheikh, and an amazing makeup artist - Alina Faye. I wanted this session to result in very feminine, subtle and slightly soft images, but could not help it but add a little bit of a kick to it with my longtime companion - Westcott Rapid Box 26'' with Canon 600EX-RT in it. The set up really helped me fight some of the tricky patchy shadows and highlights on the models' faces. Additionally, I got to try out an in-camera multiple exposure: really fun 'tool' to work with but surely requires a lot of practice to get a decent result :).

Hope you enjoy the blooms!