Studio Photography: Workshop at Revprint Studio 205, Toronto, Ontario

Just a week ago I was literally jumping of spring-related excitement and just yesterday (and actually today as well) I had to curl right back into my winter attire. It 'felt like' minus 1 on my way back from an Introduction to Studio Lighting & Equipment workshop! Despite the weather, I had a wonderful time at the workshop. Revprint Studio 205 has a very warm and inviting atmosphere so time has flown by. We had a wonderful model - Amanda, who decided to shake things up a little and wore a beloved 30s retro look. Studio photography is a very intriguing and definitely requires a lot of technical skills & knowledge. I truly enjoyed the highly controlled environment, where I didn't have to worry about tricky noon'ish light, wind, rain or any other outdoorsy factors. Nonetheless, in my super humble opinion, 'regular' studio photography lacks much needed thrill & excitement that one may get from working on location. In other words, I most definitely do not see myself turning into a studio portraitist  any time soon and simply cannot wait to finally start my wedding season in just three weeks! 

P.S.: It's not my usual editing, but I figured retro look calls for vintage tones & borders. 



Retro Female Portrait
Dancing Woman Retro Portrait